My blogging may have taken a short break, however my creativity certainly has not…

Pink Camellia

I was taking a little time out the other day reading a very interesting article about the high percentage of young bloggers who fail within the first few months of staring a new blog.. I completely understand this figure as blogging is sometimes tough, discouraging and requires a large amount of time and effort. I often feel that I put hours of love and passion into a single post, only to feel that no one is even out there reading… Now I know that you have all probably been thinking that I have failed or that I have “chucked in the towel”, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. I know when I am onto a good thing and as long as I am living this pretty little life eating, cooking and creating you will be reading about it!

So… the real reason for my disappearance of late you ask?? Well it is because I have made a very big decision in my life, a massive move… I have spread my wings and flown from the safety of my family nest and started the life I have always dreamt of.. living with my love. It has been the most scary and exciting experience of my life. As I adjust and settle into my new surrounding living out of boxes and well learning to become friends with my new kitchen (I had a very big fail whilst cooking my first dinner that I am not proud of…. and do not want to talk about!!) I simply have not had a chance to share my great news with you all. I have also been without a laptop or internet in my new place which has made communicating with you all a little difficult.

The big move has meant lots of pretty redecorating and simple refurbishing of miss matched furniture that I cannot wait to share with you all. My blogging may have taken a short break, however my creativity certainly has not!

So tonight as I sit in my pretty new surroundings and listen to the sound of my man pottering around the house (this is bliss!) I have so much to write about and share with you all… starting with My Banoffee Parfaits… YUMM!!!

It is so good to be back my friends!! I will post some sugary goodness for y’all to drool over real soon!

Lots of Love



Happy Mothers Day…

coconut cake 1Now I know nearly every child would say something along the same lines (especially on mothers day right!)… but my Mum really is the most incredible woman you will ever meet. She is the most inspiring woman and my absolute idol. I was only trying to explain to someone the other day how much I admire her ability to care and put her families needs over everything else in life. Some how she manages to capably juggle 100 things all at once, executed with absolute perfection all whilst wearing the prettiest shade of pink lippy! I often sit exhausted trying to hold my simple life together and look over at Mum.. who is usually in the kitchen whipping up a gourmet dinner for the family and wonder how on earth she does it all with such ease!…  I am hoping that it is some genetic super power I will get when I become a mum one day.IMG_6709

Mum is the kindest person you will ever meet, however has a wonderful strength that she uses to protect her loved one. She is open and honest yet so gentle and sweet. She is incredibly talented and pretty much perfects any craft, sewing or cooking project she sets her mind to… what I am trying to say is she is basically Martha Stewart!! (you are welcome Mumma!) I am absolutely honoured and blessed to be able to call her not only my Mum but my best friend… and often my partner in crime! We share and do pretty much everything by each others side. I look up to her more than anyone and hope to be just like her one day..

So in honour of my beautiful Mumma Bear today I thought I would flash back to the first cake I remember baking with her.

“Moist Coconut Cake with Coconut Ice Frosting”

Coconut cake 4

It is from our trusty and beloved Australian Women’s Weekly Cakes and Slices cookbook. Page 47 you can see is just a little more loved than the rest smeared with pink food colouring and splashed of cake batter. This cake was my specialty as a little girl as Mum taught me from a very young age how to perfect it.. it was my go to cake for birthdays or Mothers Day. I would spend hours in the kitchen whilst Mum was at work making this cake and trying to pour as much love into it as possible! Australina Womens Weekly cakes and sliceAustralian Womens Weekly Coconut cAKE

This really is my favourite cake to make and eat! It is so simple and has an incredibly dense and moist texture unlike any other cake as it is made using sour cream. The icing is the best part though.. it is just like coconut ice!! Yum.

If you are one of the few Australians to not own The Australian Women’s Weekly Cakes and Slices cookbook (I will try not to judge you), you can access the recipe here.

I really feel it is the perfect Mothers Day cake.

Coconut cakeCoconut cake 2

I would like to wish all of the pretty little mothers out there the most incredible Mothers Day today.. I hope you spend the day relaxing, being spoilt rotten and hopefully indulging in a big slice of cake!

Lots of Love




Pineapples, Polkadots… and Good People

Polkadots and Pineapples

It surely comes as no surprise to you that pineapple and polkadots are two of my all time favourite words! So when the opportunity comes along that I get to use them together in a sentence… well life is good!

This evening I was hoping to bring you a beautiful Mothers Day post.. however the sun has decided to spend the afternoon hiding from me, which meant I could not capture the perfect photograph to share with you all (fingers crossed tomorrow the sun will want to be my friend!).

I did however take a trip down to Coles to get a few ingredients for a cake that I was whipping up…. two great things happened on this trip:

The first was that I had the privilege to help a fellow cake decorating stranger who was attempting to deliver the most stunning cake whilst pushing a pram on her own. I stopped knowing the difficulty and anguish of delivering a cake (let alone balancing it on your hip whilst pushing a pram). The point to my story is not that I was a hero because I had no doubt that this determined woman would have successfully made that delivery…. but more that as I walked with a complete stranger and carried her cake, we spoke and realised how many wonderful things we had in common and how we connected as two cake decorators. She was a lovely spirit and it really made me realise that every day we pass strangers on the street not knowing (or wanting to know) a single thing about them. When life gives you the beautiful chance to cross paths and help a like minded soul, you can not help but feel it was simply meant to be! We shared some moans and groans about being cake decorators in this awful weather and then parted our separate ways once the cake was safely delivered… it wasn’t anything grand but it really made me head off to Coles with a little “spring” in my step and a smile on my face. I guess I have learnt that it ain’t so bad to every now and then talk to a stranger… you never know what you can learn from them.

The second thing was I became the proud new owner of this amazing apron!! Pineapples and Polkadots… what more could this pretty little life want! I probably don’t need another apron in my very extensive collection but well…. I was not letting this one go! I have spent the afternoon baking happily in my kitchen thanks to pineapples, polkadots and…. good people!

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend and I will catch up with you all during the week with my Mothers Day post.

Lots of Love


Lest We Forget..

Anzac Day

Saturday 25th April 2015

Anzac Biscuit

What a special and proud day to be Australian. A day where we all come together as a nation to honour and remember all of those incredible Australian men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

We all celebrate Anzac Day in our own way… whether that be attending a dawn service or ex-servicemen march, wearing a sprig of rosemary as a symbol of that found on Gallipoli peninsula or just sharing a beer at the RSL amongst family, friends and local hero’s. It is a special day of remembrance and celebration.

My tradition on Anzac Day is to bake (surprise surprise!) a fresh batch of warm chewy Anzac Biscuits. I love the history they have as being a gift made by loved ones and sent to the soldiers fighting during World War One. They are unique, iconically Australian and 100 years on they are still god dam delicious!!

I tend to pick a different recipe every year in search of the perfect Anzac biscuit (I am still searching and will let you know when I find it) This year I also made a variation on tradition and sandwiched a few with a little chocolate icing to make little mini Anzac Kingstons… They are very yummy and the perfect companion for a cup of tea.

So tell me beautiful people how do you honour Anzac Day?… Oh and… if any one has the perfect Anzac biscuit recipes out there, I would very much appreciate it!!

Lots of Love


My Baked Camembert…

I feel it has been a while since I have spoken out to all of my fellow stinky, gooey, dairy lovers out there… I have been so busy with post after post that I have forgotten to stop and mention one of our favourite words…. CHEESE!

So what better way to help you celebrate this wet Friday than with a beautiful photo of oozing warm cheese! Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to present to you my super simple and extremely decadent…

“Baked Camembert”

Baked Camembert_001

It is a no fuss recipe that is sure to knock the socks off the guests at your next dinner party.. So how does one whip up this beautiful baked camembert you ask? Simple!


  • 250g wheel of Camembert
  • 3 sprigs Rosemary
  • 2 Garlic Cloves
  • Olive Oil
  • Bread Stick


Firstly the trick to this recipe is to buy a camembert from the supermarket that comes encased in a wooden box. You do not have to spend a lot of money on it but the wooden box is important to bake your camembert in. This little trick allows for the cheese to go super gooey with out all of the mess! (I used this one from Coles)

Using a sharp knife cut a thin layer off the top of your cheese. This removes the skin and allows for the melted goodness to be on show!

Cut your garlic into thin strips perfect for spearing the top of your camembert with. Repeat this with a few sprigs of fresh rosemary. Place the cheese encased in the wooden base onto a baking tray with your bread stick torn into rough pieces. Give the entire tray a good glug of olive oil and scatter any remaining rosemary. Place in an oven preheated to 180°C for 20 minutes or until it is oozing with happiness. I like to serve mine with a few fresh figs, some roasted almonds and a little drizzle of honey!…… ummmmm YUM!
Baked Camembert_002

Baked Camembert_003

Baked Camembert

Hopefully you will get the chance to impress your next guests with this knock out recipe…. or you can just be like me today and sit at your computer and dream of eating this cheesy goodness whilst sipping your imaginary wine! Happy Days!

Lots of love and Happy Friday beautiful people…



A weekend ESCAPE!

*Firstly I would like to apologise for my mishap yesterday! I accidentally hit “publish” rather than save on my post (whoops!), which meant you all got a little sneak peek of my unfinished business!! I hope you enjoy it now that it is in all its full glory with the story slightly more polished and accompanied with some pretty photos!


Don’t mind me as I get a little deep here…. well not so much deep but more reflective..

I feel that lately I  have become so accustomed to spending so much of my life rushing, mildly panicking and frantically ticking off my never-ending to do lists. On a daily basis there is always something urgent that needs my attentions that I solely focus on.. so much so that I forget to stop and A)Relax!! and B) Just breath…

Now I am not for one second pretending that I am the only one out there with this predicament, and it is something that I am sure everyone can relate to… it is called life right? I work very hard to keep my mind, body and soul happy every single day.. but sometimes the city living hustle and bustle really gets me down!

I frequently turn to my partner and ask him to run away with me.. it is my way of saying I don’t want to face this to do list anymore!! More often than not he just holds my hand and calmly helps me get my jobs done.. but every now and then we do run! Escape if you will.. and for Easter we did just that. We headed to a little corner of the earth as far away from Sydney as we could drive in one day and where we knew we could relax and breath in the peaceful beauty… The Snowy Mountains

I absolutely love the drive down to the The Snowy Mountains. There is such peace in driving past all of the farms and mountains.. I look at all of the livestock and the little houses perched up on the side of the hills with their chimneys bellowing with smoke from their wood fires.. I can’t help but start belting out “Wide Open Spaces” by the Dixie Chicks at the top of my lungs!!

We arrived in Jindabyne late on Good Friday ready and raring for a weekend full of family fun and relaxation. As soon as I hopped out of the car and felt the cool mountain air hit my cheeks I could not help but stop like a little kid and smile.. and then the grown up in me sighed and was grateful for the restful weekend ahead!

Soooo what did I do to recharge the batteries I hear you ask?… let me show you..

Day 1: A trip up the mountain to check out Perisher, Charlottes Pass and Guthega.

This beautiful snow gum is from the top of Charlottes Pass, I absolutely love the little look out at the top of Charlottes. It has the most breath-taking view!

Snow gums would have to be the most stunning tree to look at don’t you think?.. I love how they are not afraid to show off and embrace their glorious curves and wrinkles…. a message allot more women could use right?!


This is me up the top of Charlottes, my man laughed at my choice of outfit for such an adventurous day… what can I say.. the whole reserved “hiking” look is not really my thing!


We encounter a little rain on one of the back roads to Guthega.. needless to say the car was stopped and my leopard print shoes did some off roading so that I could capture the snow gums vibrant colours in the rain.. ohhh nature is good!!!

I look forward to having a go at painting these photos.



Day 2: Thredbo.. (I like it!)

Thredbo is fantastic at Easter! There are so many activities going on and there is a real buzz in the air. Unfortunately I didn’t win the $10,000 easter egg hunt they put on.. but mark my words next year it is mine!!

These shots were taken on the chairlift up to the top of Thredbo.. I could have taken thousands of photos of that view (who am I kidding I did!) There really is just something so interesting and unique about that view contrasting with those mysteriously bleak trees.



It was very cool up the top and a little wet underfoot.. lucky for me I had my beloved gum boots on!!



Yet another photo of me admiring nature!.. some pretty moss I found on a rock up the top.


A quick selfie to document those happy faces and then it was back down the mountain en-route to the famous Wildbrumby distillery to warm up our tummies with a few shots of schnapps! Oh happy days!


Day 3: Exploring Jindabyne

It was home time today but not before riding our bikes around Jindabyne to really take in and admire Lake Jindabyne. I cant help but look at it and liken it to an oil painting, it is almost like my eyes just don’t believe that the beauty is real..

IMG_8270 There is a fantastic track that runs along the lake that we explored for hours….

I love my bike!!

The track was surrounded by these GIANT dandelions..  As soon as I spotted them I skidded my bike to holt to make a wish… Surely my wish will come true with this one right?!

So as our time in the Snowy Mountain region came to an end, I couldn’t help but feel sad. The whole drive home I tried desperately to convince my man not to take me back to Sydney. I didn’t want to go back to the rat race! I wanted to stay in the peaceful wide open spaces and continue to explore nature…  but instead of dragging my heels and being the brat I so wanted to be, I began to realise how grateful I was. Grateful for the blessed weekend, and grateful for living in such a magnificent country.

Today I face the day with a little extra spring in my step thanks to my weekend away and I am reassured knowing that whenever my batteries begin to run low again and it all becomes too much that it is time… time to hit the play button on the Dixie Chicks and escape… in search of some more “wide open spaces”.

So tell me beautiful people.. where do you escape to?

I can not wait to share with you my next adventures…