A weekend ESCAPE!

*Firstly I would like to apologise for my mishap yesterday! I accidentally hit “publish” rather than save on my post (whoops!), which meant you all got a little sneak peek of my unfinished business!! I hope you enjoy it now that it is in all its full glory with the story slightly more polished and accompanied with some pretty photos!


Don’t mind me as I get a little deep here…. well not so much deep but more reflective..

I feel that lately I  have become so accustomed to spending so much of my life rushing, mildly panicking and frantically ticking off my never-ending to do lists. On a daily basis there is always something urgent that needs my attentions that I solely focus on.. so much so that I forget to stop and A)Relax!! and B) Just breath…

Now I am not for one second pretending that I am the only one out there with this predicament, and it is something that I am sure everyone can relate to… it is called life right? I work very hard to keep my mind, body and soul happy every single day.. but sometimes the city living hustle and bustle really gets me down!

I frequently turn to my partner and ask him to run away with me.. it is my way of saying I don’t want to face this to do list anymore!! More often than not he just holds my hand and calmly helps me get my jobs done.. but every now and then we do run! Escape if you will.. and for Easter we did just that. We headed to a little corner of the earth as far away from Sydney as we could drive in one day and where we knew we could relax and breath in the peaceful beauty… The Snowy Mountains

I absolutely love the drive down to the The Snowy Mountains. There is such peace in driving past all of the farms and mountains.. I look at all of the livestock and the little houses perched up on the side of the hills with their chimneys bellowing with smoke from their wood fires.. I can’t help but start belting out “Wide Open Spaces” by the Dixie Chicks at the top of my lungs!!

We arrived in Jindabyne late on Good Friday ready and raring for a weekend full of family fun and relaxation. As soon as I hopped out of the car and felt the cool mountain air hit my cheeks I could not help but stop like a little kid and smile.. and then the grown up in me sighed and was grateful for the restful weekend ahead!

Soooo what did I do to recharge the batteries I hear you ask?… let me show you..

Day 1: A trip up the mountain to check out Perisher, Charlottes Pass and Guthega.

This beautiful snow gum is from the top of Charlottes Pass, I absolutely love the little look out at the top of Charlottes. It has the most breath-taking view!

Snow gums would have to be the most stunning tree to look at don’t you think?.. I love how they are not afraid to show off and embrace their glorious curves and wrinkles…. a message allot more women could use right?!


This is me up the top of Charlottes, my man laughed at my choice of outfit for such an adventurous day… what can I say.. the whole reserved “hiking” look is not really my thing!


We encounter a little rain on one of the back roads to Guthega.. needless to say the car was stopped and my leopard print shoes did some off roading so that I could capture the snow gums vibrant colours in the rain.. ohhh nature is good!!!

I look forward to having a go at painting these photos.



Day 2: Thredbo.. (I like it!)

Thredbo is fantastic at Easter! There are so many activities going on and there is a real buzz in the air. Unfortunately I didn’t win the $10,000 easter egg hunt they put on.. but mark my words next year it is mine!!

These shots were taken on the chairlift up to the top of Thredbo.. I could have taken thousands of photos of that view (who am I kidding I did!) There really is just something so interesting and unique about that view contrasting with those mysteriously bleak trees.



It was very cool up the top and a little wet underfoot.. lucky for me I had my beloved gum boots on!!



Yet another photo of me admiring nature!.. some pretty moss I found on a rock up the top.


A quick selfie to document those happy faces and then it was back down the mountain en-route to the famous Wildbrumby distillery to warm up our tummies with a few shots of schnapps! Oh happy days!


Day 3: Exploring Jindabyne

It was home time today but not before riding our bikes around Jindabyne to really take in and admire Lake Jindabyne. I cant help but look at it and liken it to an oil painting, it is almost like my eyes just don’t believe that the beauty is real..

IMG_8270 There is a fantastic track that runs along the lake that we explored for hours….

I love my bike!!

The track was surrounded by these GIANT dandelions..  As soon as I spotted them I skidded my bike to holt to make a wish… Surely my wish will come true with this one right?!

So as our time in the Snowy Mountain region came to an end, I couldn’t help but feel sad. The whole drive home I tried desperately to convince my man not to take me back to Sydney. I didn’t want to go back to the rat race! I wanted to stay in the peaceful wide open spaces and continue to explore nature…  but instead of dragging my heels and being the brat I so wanted to be, I began to realise how grateful I was. Grateful for the blessed weekend, and grateful for living in such a magnificent country.

Today I face the day with a little extra spring in my step thanks to my weekend away and I am reassured knowing that whenever my batteries begin to run low again and it all becomes too much that it is time… time to hit the play button on the Dixie Chicks and escape… in search of some more “wide open spaces”.

So tell me beautiful people.. where do you escape to?

I can not wait to share with you my next adventures…