About Me

I know the first thing that any good blogger should do, is to inform the audience of their story (because we all have a good story right?) however I have been putting off this page for a while. I don’t know, I kind of like the idea of being a mystery and just letting you all slowly get to know me through my posts. As I express myself through my photography and share my pretty little life with you all, I have no doubt you will get a good sense of who I am… but for those extra curious ones, here is a little background story about me.



Sydney, Australia

I was blessed into a beautiful family who are the most creative and  loving bunch of people you will ever meet. My father is a very talented draftsman, artist and all round handy guy, who I owe most of my gifts to (but I mainly have him to thank for my practical, stubborn mindset!). My mother is the most beautiful, caring woman you will ever come across. The food that comes out of her kitchen every day is what always has and always will inspire me to cook. I hope to be just like her one day as a mother and a wife. I have an older brother who I would be absolutely lost without! I have been lucky enough to work, travel and just enjoy life exploring our many common interests with him. My biggest support and my absolute world is my darling other half. I have been blessed to be with him 9 years and each day I fall in love with him a little bit more. I thank him for always putting up with me!

I am so proud and honoured to say that I am a teacher. I studied 4 long years straight out of high school to become a Food Technology/Textiles teacher. I am so thankful for my gift of teaching, as I get to inspire and create every day with my students and pass practical life long skills onto them.

I cook, sew and dabble in practically anything creative, because it is simply when I am the happiest. My favourite hobby would have to be to eat! I am a food/coffee snob and I make no apologies for that! Food excites and interests me more than anything and I love nothing more than exploring and sharing good food with the ones I love.

I guess the seed for this blog really began last year during my travels through Europe. I can’t pin point exactly what it was whilst I was travelling, maybe it was the French air I was breathing, or the ridiculous amounts of cheese and butter I was ingesting, but something sparked. I began to see the world through different eyes and felt an overwhelming urge to reflect and share my life’s encounters through my writing and photography. That is exactly what this little adventure is all about.

I am not entirely sure what you should expect from this blog as I don’t know what pretty little things life has install for me. One thing I can promise is that it will always be from my heart. I look forward to you all getting to know me but most of all I hope to inspire and entertain you. So without further ado I present…

“A Pretty Little Life”

Lots of Love



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