Hand Painted Birthday Wrapping

Birthday Wrapping Hand Painted

I know I have said it before.. but let me tell you again… I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!

Tomorrow is my big brothers birthday and I love to make things special for him. I have a passion and real talent for gift giving , it is something that I take great pride in!… from the thought out personalised present right down to the detail in the wrapping, ribbon and hand made card (it is something I get from my Mumma). My brother is also a pretty good gift giver and even better at creatively wrapping gifts so the pressure is always on to impress him.

To be perfectly honest this project came about out of pure laziness. It is drizzling with rain out side and I was procrastinating walking up to the shops to purchase some wrapping paper. I also hate how expensive and often boring wrapping paper can be. So I was inspired to grab out my watercolours and art paper and have a muck around with making some personalised, hand painted wrapping paper. I must say I am extremely happy with the results! I don’t know why I have not thought of this earlier.

Birthday Wrapping Hand Painted

Birthday Wrapping Hand Painted

Well what do you think? What a simple and cheap project that looks brilliant right? I am so excited to give this pretty little present to my brother tomorrow for him to open!! Yay to birthdays..

I am going to get busy  working on some christmas designed wrapping paper and share with you all soon!

Hope you are all having a beautiful Wednesday!

Lots of love

xxx Holly


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