Mudgee….. an old town with a buzzing with a great new vibe!

Someone please hit play on The Dixie Chicks because A Pretty Little Life is back on the road and in search of some more “Wide Open Spaces”…… this time …..destination Mudgee!Mudgee1Sit back, relax and breath in the goodness as I take you on my weekend away to the old town of Mudgee that is buzzing with a new vibe!

Mudgee_9161Mudgee is a quite country town located roughly 3½ hours drive north/west of Sydney. It was placed on the map as a booming town in the 1800’s as it was situated in the centre of the Australian Goldrush. Today it has a real rural vibe, but is filled with some great gastronomic experiences, trendy accommodation and has an array of excellent wineries to discover.

Where to Stay

Mudgee_8061I have stayed in some pretty beautiful places in my time… however Trelawney Farm would have to be one of the most uniquely beautiful place I have ever been fortunate enough to visit.Mudgee2-2

This 150 year old farm house is located only a few kilometres out of the centre of town, situated on 24 acres, Tralaeney Farm is the perfect house to relax, recuperate, celebrate, or if you are like my friends and I…. gather and catch up with some great food! With two well equipped kitchens, 5 bedrooms and enough quiet little spaces tucked away to relax in, you are sure to be swept into he eclectic energy this house has to offer…. my favourite quiet space was the outdoor bath (with hot water!!) aaahhhh sheer luxury.


I am absolutely kicking myself that I left my camera at home in the mad rush of trying to escape Sydney, but check out Trelawney Farms website for more photos of this beautiful homestead.Mudgee2

Where to Eat

How does a seven course degustation of delicately prepared meals from locally sourced produce sound?…. good right!

How does a seven course degustation of delicately prepared meals from locally sourced produce paired with matching wines sound?…. Too good to be true right!


Pipeclay Pumphouse I must say nearly is too good to be true.  Nestled into the landscape of Robert Steins Winery this restaurant is a jewel in the Mudgee area. The atmosphere is the perfect mix of rustic and sophistication which instantly makes you want to sit down and relax into the vibe. Each of the seven courses is an intricate, well thought out master piece of local ingredients displayed beautifully and paired perfectly with a glass of Robert Stein wine. I am always an advocate for dessert so I must make a special mention of the dark chocolate delice with caramelised banana, honeycomb, mascarpone and salted caramel served with a Robert Stein Rum Cask Tawny… ummm HEAVEN!! It was the perfect end to a very special meal.

Pipeclay Pumphouse is an absolute credit to the owner and chef Andy Crestani. He is an inspiring and talented man whose passion for good food is very evident. We were fortunate enough to chat to Andy when we returned for breakfast (seeking some more of that great quality food for the second time in a weekend!). Check out Pipeclay Pumphouse’s website for more details:

My favourite Wineries

I am by no means going to sit here and pretend that I am some big hot shot wine critic!… however I do appreciate a good glass of vino and a wine tasting is all about the atmosphere! These are my pick of the wineries to visit in Mudgee


An absolutely spectacular location with the most stunning architecturally designed space for wine tasting. I felt like I was on Grand Design a little! I bought a couple of bottle of the shiraz… it helped that they have very pretty bottle labels!


I loved the whole experience at Peter Van Gent. The dark cellars makes you feel as you are instantly swept away to a french vineyard. The girls looked after us exceptionally well and were very accommodating to our large group.


If you make a stop here be sure to try the sparkling red!!! AMAZING!!


Robert Stein has a fantastic range of both young and mature wines. Whilst there you can also pick up some great cured pork products!

Places to Shop


If you are a fan of jute, wicker baskets or country chic fashion like myself.. Julie Thorsley is the place for you! I really could have done some serious damage in this beautiful store.


Trust me to find a cheese shop on my travels. High Valley have a small selection of great cheeses. Be sure to try the High Valley Mudgee Rouge!! (The closest I have found to my beloved French Epoisses!)


Our time in Mudgee was a weekend spent with great people, drinking brilliant wine, and eating even better food! Mudgee certainly is a little town in New South Whales that I will be returning to explore!IMG_8311

Dreaming of an outdoor bath today…..



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