Rocky Road Cupcakes….. with a little extra rock and a little extra road!!

Rocky Road CupcakesAll my spring baby friends have been keeping me very busy lately with birthday cakes galore!

Making cakes is always interesting and there is never ever a dull moment in a cake decorators life. I have learnt over many years of “caking” to expect that anything that could possibly go wrong, WILL go wrong.. and to just go with the flow. I am now a master of not only cake decoration but also in stress management, quick thinking, an expert in profound language and very very talented at balancing a cake in one hand whilst opening numerous doors all on roughly 2 hours of sleep! (I am going to start adding these serious talents to my resume) Any cake decorator out there will understand.

On this blog I am an open book and I aim to share with you all the happy and pretty moments in my life.. so it feels only natural to share with you when life throws me a little.. lets call it an “oopsie”.

These yummy chocolate birthday cupcakes are topped with a swirl of chocolate butter cream, a cluster of mini marshmallows, a scattering of red lollies and all drizzled with milk chocolate. These are my rocky road cupcakes..

Rocky Road Cupcakes

Now comes the humorous part of this story…. after spending hours perfecting these cupcakes very tired on Friday night, I was pretty chuffed with my efforts! A quick happy snap of them on Saturday morning and I was off with a skip in my step, bursting with excitement to share my pretty cupcakes with the birthday girl.. Balancing a cake stand under my arm, a box of cupcakes in my hand and a handbag is never and easy task so a friend was there to help….. (that’s what makes this even funnier) some how I didn’t quite clasp the locks on my cupcake carrier, so my perfect little cupcakes decided to take a swan dive from hip height out of the safety of their box an onto the footpath. Now because these cupcakes were stacked high with butter cream, marshmallows, lollies and chocolate they were very top-heavy (this makes for a very yummy cupcake/not such a great swan diver)…. consequently all twelve of my cakes landed on their heads 10 meters away from their final destination!

At this point looking down at the 12 dishevelled, smashed, sad looking cupcakes that had taken me hours of effort, love and enthusiasm to create.. I could have cried (well sobbed!). Just as I knelt down on my knees to pick up the mess I had made, a beautiful lady walked past, expressed her sympathy and said… “Don’t worry my darling, for ever negative thing in life, there will always be a positive”… What a fantastic attitude!! They are just cupcakes!.. sooo instead of fretting, I hysterically giggled at the unfortunate situation and then in true blogger style I reached for my phone and document my cupcake carnage!

smashed rocky road cupcake

My friends were happy to apply the 3 second rule to those cupcakes that weren’t so dishevelled and they were enjoyed immensely with a little extra rock and a scattering of dirt from the road. After 10 + years of making cakes, this was my first (and hopefully last) dropped cake. Tell me I am not the only one! Please make me feel better and comment below your disastrous cake stories.

I guess the lesson I am reminded of here is that no matter what you have to alway look on the bright side of life… I am very blessed!

lots of love






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