Addictive Antique Auctions

IMG_91Antique Auctions6

Don’t you just love a spontaneous antique action!! Abso-freaking-lutelty!!

I traveled to the beautiful and very cold Bowral last weekend to celebrate my Mumma Bears birthday. Our plan for the day was to eat some good food, have  a little look through the shops and just enjoy the positive crisp (borderline freezing) Bowral air.

After a stunning breakfast at Biota (highly recommend any foodie to check this place out!) our first stop on our retail therapy trail was my favourite antique store of all time… Dirty Janes Antique Emporium. It is like a massive treasure chest of unique, interesting and beautifully eclectic antiques pieces, all neatly organised and presented in such a way that just makes me incredibly happy! Many hours of my life have been lost to this wonderful emporium. Upon arrival we were pleasantly surprised to discover that Dirty Janes was having one of their bi-monthly Antique actions (our lucky day or what!). Instantly my eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store at the sight of an entire car park scattered with miss matched, preloved bits and pieces. My other half’s eyes instantly lit up with fear and worry for what this was going to mean for our bank account or how on earth we would fit it all into the car!

Dirty Janes had a huge variety of items for auction from massive sets of antique doors, small antique tools, kitchen wears, furniture and the largest selection of antique bird cages you have ever seen! The auctioneer had to sell every single item in the carpark…(now this is where the dangerous part comes in)… so when I realised how cheap items were going for and I had my registered bidding card in my hand.. the fun really begun!

I managed to pick up two beautiful old ladders (I have a plan for these that  I will share with you shortly) and two more chairs to add to my mismatched dinning room chair collection. All up I spent about $60 which is an absolute bargain when you consider how beautifully made these items are and the rich history and memories they come with.

FullSizeRender-Antique Auctions

Dirty Janes next Antique action is on the 13th September I will absolutely be there ready to find some more beautifully addictive antiques!

Happy Days!

Lots of Love,



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