For the Love of France….

“La fête nationale”

Bastille DayHappy Bastille Day to all of those fellow French loving followers out there.. a day where France remembers one of the country’s bloodiest, yet most iconic, revolutions. Today “Bastille Day” is a colourful celebration of French culture and pride.

I can not help but feel my mind has been wondering off lately… wondering to those beautiful days spent with my love exploring in the warmth of summer, all that France has to offer.  My time in France was without a doubt the happiest time of my life. I love the french way life, the beauty in the culture and the passion they have for just about everything they do.

So in honour of a country I hold so dearly to my heart, here are a few  memories from my trip to la France magnificent.

dijon markets

Picking some fresh raspberries at the Dijon Markets

The most perfect  “Religious” pastry.
French Baguette

ohh baguettes


I left my heart in France with an Orangina bottle!! The best drink on earth!


Me in my absolute element at my favourite Parisian restaurant Jez Janou.. with a giant bowl of chocolate mousse!

Bastille Day

Bastille Day, July 14. What a perfect excuse to reminisce of my time in France and tonight to indulge in some French wine, and some beautiful elegant food with my love.

Avec amou

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