Happy Mothers Day…

coconut cake 1Now I know nearly every child would say something along the same lines (especially on mothers day right!)… but my Mum really is the most incredible woman you will ever meet. She is the most inspiring woman and my absolute idol. I was only trying to explain to someone the other day how much I admire her ability to care and put her families needs over everything else in life. Some how she manages to capably juggle 100 things all at once, executed with absolute perfection all whilst wearing the prettiest shade of pink lippy! I often sit exhausted trying to hold my simple life together and look over at Mum.. who is usually in the kitchen whipping up a gourmet dinner for the family and wonder how on earth she does it all with such ease!…  I am hoping that it is some genetic super power I will get when I become a mum one day.IMG_6709

Mum is the kindest person you will ever meet, however has a wonderful strength that she uses to protect her loved one. She is open and honest yet so gentle and sweet. She is incredibly talented and pretty much perfects any craft, sewing or cooking project she sets her mind to… what I am trying to say is she is basically Martha Stewart!! (you are welcome Mumma!) I am absolutely honoured and blessed to be able to call her not only my Mum but my best friend… and often my partner in crime! We share and do pretty much everything by each others side. I look up to her more than anyone and hope to be just like her one day..

So in honour of my beautiful Mumma Bear today I thought I would flash back to the first cake I remember baking with her.

“Moist Coconut Cake with Coconut Ice Frosting”

Coconut cake 4

It is from our trusty and beloved Australian Women’s Weekly Cakes and Slices cookbook. Page 47 you can see is just a little more loved than the rest smeared with pink food colouring and splashed of cake batter. This cake was my specialty as a little girl as Mum taught me from a very young age how to perfect it.. it was my go to cake for birthdays or Mothers Day. I would spend hours in the kitchen whilst Mum was at work making this cake and trying to pour as much love into it as possible! Australina Womens Weekly cakes and sliceAustralian Womens Weekly Coconut cAKE

This really is my favourite cake to make and eat! It is so simple and has an incredibly dense and moist texture unlike any other cake as it is made using sour cream. The icing is the best part though.. it is just like coconut ice!! Yum.

If you are one of the few Australians to not own The Australian Women’s Weekly Cakes and Slices cookbook (I will try not to judge you), you can access the recipe here.

I really feel it is the perfect Mothers Day cake.

Coconut cakeCoconut cake 2

I would like to wish all of the pretty little mothers out there the most incredible Mothers Day today.. I hope you spend the day relaxing, being spoilt rotten and hopefully indulging in a big slice of cake!

Lots of Love





6 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day…

  1. What can I say but Thank you to the most precious daughter a mother could have . Lets hope I don’t go to prison like Martha . Xxxxxx


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