Pineapples, Polkadots… and Good People

Polkadots and Pineapples

It surely comes as no surprise to you that pineapple and polkadots are two of my all time favourite words! So when the opportunity comes along that I get to use them together in a sentence… well life is good!

This evening I was hoping to bring you a beautiful Mothers Day post.. however the sun has decided to spend the afternoon hiding from me, which meant I could not capture the perfect photograph to share with you all (fingers crossed tomorrow the sun will want to be my friend!).

I did however take a trip down to Coles to get a few ingredients for a cake that I was whipping up…. two great things happened on this trip:

The first was that I had the privilege to help a fellow cake decorating stranger who was attempting to deliver the most stunning cake whilst pushing a pram on her own. I stopped knowing the difficulty and anguish of delivering a cake (let alone balancing it on your hip whilst pushing a pram). The point to my story is not that I was a hero because I had no doubt that this determined woman would have successfully made that delivery…. but more that as I walked with a complete stranger and carried her cake, we spoke and realised how many wonderful things we had in common and how we connected as two cake decorators. She was a lovely spirit and it really made me realise that every day we pass strangers on the street not knowing (or wanting to know) a single thing about them. When life gives you the beautiful chance to cross paths and help a like minded soul, you can not help but feel it was simply meant to be! We shared some moans and groans about being cake decorators in this awful weather and then parted our separate ways once the cake was safely delivered… it wasn’t anything grand but it really made me head off to Coles with a little “spring” in my step and a smile on my face. I guess I have learnt that it ain’t so bad to every now and then talk to a stranger… you never know what you can learn from them.

The second thing was I became the proud new owner of this amazing apron!! Pineapples and Polkadots… what more could this pretty little life want! I probably don’t need another apron in my very extensive collection but well…. I was not letting this one go! I have spent the afternoon baking happily in my kitchen thanks to pineapples, polkadots and…. good people!

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend and I will catch up with you all during the week with my Mothers Day post.

Lots of Love



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