Some “Bunny” Loves You…

2015/04/img_8101.jpgHello beautiful people!

Well Easter has well and truly crept up on us, hasn’t it?! I feel like I have been so busy lately rushing around with my head down that now I have finally come up for a bit of air it is suddenly Easter Sunday!! I know I said it in my last post, but I really do love Easter, it is a weekend to be spent relaxing surrounded by family, enjoying the cooler weather and… well… consuming more chocolate than I need or care to ever admit.

Every Easter our supermarket shelves are flooded with a huge array of different shaped, coloured and flavoured chocolate Easter eggs. It is often overwhelming! Years ago I decided to turn against the average supermarket eggs and to make my own so that I could personally mix it up and make individualised eggs to suit each of my loved ones.

I have a few different egg moulds that I use but my favourite one I picked up from a great little cake decorating store in Sydney. The best thing about this project is that it is super simple to make however looks absolutely spectacular!


So how did I make it?…..

Before I start my eggs I first make sure I thoroughly clean my egg moulds with some clean dry paper towel. I never wash them in water or detergent, that way I ensure a beautiful shiny finish to my chocolate eggs. I then melt chocolate in a glass on the defrost mode setting in my microwave (that way I can ensure it does not burn the chocolate). Once my chocolate is perfectly melted I use a spoon to lay a thing layer of chocolate into the mould. I set this in the fridge until firm… I like to apply a second layer of chocolate to ensure that my egg is strong and will remove from the mould easily. Pop this back in the fridge for a further 15 minutes or so… You will know when your egg is ready to be removed from your mould, as it will have shrunk away from the plastic a little. With a gentle ease the egg should slip from of your egg mould beautifully. For this particular egg I chopped up my mans favourite chocolates… Snickers and Mint Aero Balls! YUM! Fill the egg to brim and then I used a piping bag to drizzle some decorative chocolate on top to hold it all in place. It really is that simple!


2015/04/img_8117.jpgI wish you all a beautiful and restful Easter and hope that the easter bunny was good to you! I look forward to connecting with you all a little more over the forth-coming weeks with new experiences and some new and exciting projects (Yay to school holidays!!)

Lots of love



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