Love, Celebrations and… Birthday Cake!


Welcome beautiful people to yet another fresh new week! I hope that you are all well… I feel terrible as I normally always check in with you over the weekend and share something sweet and exciting that is going on in my pretty little life, however this weekend was jam-packed and had me very busy with love, celebrations and….. birthday cake!

The first mark on the calendar that had my attention over the weekend was the celebration of 9 wonderful years with my love. We have never really been the type to count the days, months or years of our relationship.. partly because we have never been that type.. and partly because we always tend to forget and argue the actual date of our anniversary! Whoops! I guess our love is strong and we don’t feel the need to count the minutes, but rather just live and love each day in each others company. I really am so blessed to have such a strong, sweet and caring man who loves me unconditionally and more importantly puts up with my madness!! Our life together is just warming up and I am so excited for what the future holds for us.. eek!


To help celebrate 9 years of love and happiness we spent our night at Bistro Moncur in Woollahra eating French food, sipping good quality French wine and talking about all the wonderful memories we cherish together. This photo is my favourite from my time in Paris last year. My boy and I hand in hand strolling home from yet another incredible dinner in the blissfully romantic city.. this to me is love.

paris nights

The second celebration of the weekend was my Nanna’s 84th Birthday. Now I know it is what most grand daughters would say of their Grandmother.. but my Nanna truly is the most amazing woman you will ever meet. She is strong, independent and no matter what it is I have going on in my life she is always supportive and proud. She shows so much love for her family and we are so lucky to call her ours.

A Nanna deserves nothing but the very best birthday cake, and when Mum and I spotted this delectable chocolate cake gracing the front cover of this months Taste Magazine… we knew it was perfect for our celebrations!

Mum is the best baker of all things sweet and taught me everything I know in the kitchen (almost!) so she went ahead and whipped up this master piece (I helped  a little with the piping!)

Birthday cake

Birthday cake

birthday cake

It is lucky Nanna has no way of seeing this, as she would absolutely kill me for putting a photo up of her… however it is such a beautiful photo and makes me so happy to see her happiness.

So between this and a 6th birthday party… it really was a weekend full of love, celebrations and… birthday cake!



8 thoughts on “Love, Celebrations and… Birthday Cake!

  1. Happy Anniversary two beautiful people, oh and the cake looks scrumpdiliumptious wouldn’t expect anything less from you Dolly I’m sure your Nanny loved it! Xxxx


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