Easter Bunny Trail Mix..

Easter Bunny Trail Mix_021

I have been trying very hard to hold off on excitedly flooding A Pretty Little Life with all the cute Easter projects I have been working on…. I am sorry but I simply can not wait any longer! Easter is less than 4 weeks away and I have a serious collection of pretty pastel delights stored up to help you celebrate!


I love Easter! I can just start to feel it coming in the air… those crisp mornings turning into warm Autumn days, it’s just a slight change in the air that lets us know winter is coming..(Yes it is a GOT reference!) It is that wonderful time of the year where we can eat our weight in equal parts of Easter eggs and hot cross buns! YAY!

My first Easter project is super easy and one that anyone can easily whip up. It is my…

“Easter Bunny Trail Mix”

I love trail mix for pretty much any occasion. It is simple, looks impressive and can be made in large quantities perfect for entertaining. I first made trail mix for Halloween as I was struggling to find anything cute and spooky related to take as a gift to a friend’s house. It was such a hit with my friends and was gobbled up in no time, so I have been making variation of it ever since.

The idea of trail mix is to combine both sweet and salty and have a range of different bits and pieces so that every hand full is a surprise that leaves you reaching for more. For this trail mix I wanted it to be pastel, light and Eastery so I went with the below combinations:

IMG_7852 (1)

Easter Bunny Trail Mix_012

Feel free to get as creative as you want and to play around with mixing and matching your own flavours and textures. I don’t specifically measure anything out but rather just judge by eye that there is an even spread of bits and pieces in each handful.

Easter Bunny Trail Mix_013

I have such a large amount of this pretty mix made up so I am displaying it in these beautiful glass jars with some Easter decorations around the house. With the left overs I have filled a few pretty little mason jars and wrapped them up using fabric and ribbon ready to be given as cute Easter gifts.

Easter Bunny Trail Mix_017Easter Bunny Trail Mix_022Easter Bunny Trail Mix_020

I can not wait to share a few more Easter ideas with you over the coming weeks.. So tell me beautiful people what exciting things have you got planned for Easter this year?



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