A Sweet Farewell to Summer..

I have been feeling very nostalgic of late, thinking about my childhood and all of the wonderful memories that come with it… Hot summer weekends as a child for me consisted of long days spent outside with my Dad. My brother and I would help Dad around the garden all day… We would spend hours running around under the sprinkler as a way to cool down and then sit and eat an entire watermelon on the freshly mowed grass together. When all the chores were done and the sun would begin to go down, we would eagerly prepare drinks and nibblies ready for my Mum to return home from work and get ready for dinner outside under the stars as a family. Summer really has a way of bringing everyone together. Memories of simple summer weekends are the memories for me that l will cherish forever…

Another childhood summer weekend treat that my brother and I were discussing not so long ago was how we used to make home made ice blocks from a mould my Mum surely picked up from one of those classic 90’s Tupperware parties. They were a real hit with us!

So as another summer has come and gone and since today is a scorching introduction to Autumn, I couldn’t help but bid summer farewell in a sweet and nostalgic way….These are my

“Sweet Summer Ice Blocks”

Pink Lemonade Ice BlocksPineapple Ice Blocks

For my ice blocks I used a new pink lemonade cordial I picked up from Coles (It is delicious!!) and the yellow ones are fresh pineapple and lime blended together (but you could really use any flavour you like!). I found my pretty little moulds from my local $2 shop.  All up it took about 2 hours to freeze my sweet summer ice block completely ready to eat, cool down and watch the afternoon storm roll in!

Sweet Summer ice block

Such a simple and sweet treat!

So tell me beautiful people what are some your best childhood summer memories?



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