Hello Weekend…

Hello weekend

I like to try my hardest to live life to the fullest and live “in the moment” everyday, as to not wish my working weeks away in search of a better life just on the weekends (easier said than done right!). I just feel that life goes by fast enough without me helping it by wishing each week away… In saying all of this though….. gee I really do love the weekends!!

My favourite weekend activity is not to party the nights away sipping cocktails in the city or to spend Sundays practicing any kind of extreme sport (I am not the kind for either!) my favourite weekend activity is simply sharing a coffee and some breakfast with my love.

It is our little treat, a way to slow down, catch up and… well…. bacon and eggs makes my man happy!!

A couple of weekends ago we were very lucky to take a little trip to try out the recently opened bills Bondi Beach. I am probably the biggest Bill Granger fan to walk the earth.. I just love his philosophy of food and his general simple and fresh outlook on life (He is the epitome of good cooks in my eyes!).

Having recently visited bills Notting Hill restaurant Granger and Co. my expectation were high, and I was certainly not disappointed. Every detail of bills Bondi Beach is perfection and has a general relaxed light and summery feel that just makes you want to sit down and unwind into your weekend.

I always prefer a sweet breakfast so I ordered the ricotta hotcakes, with banana and honeycomb butter (think about that for a second!) and my love being the savoury man he is had the full aussie breakfast (with bills famous scrambled eggs). Both meals were absolutely on point, the service was impeccable and the coffee was perfect… I will let the photo do the  rest of the talking here…..

bills breakfast

If you are in the area you must try out bills Bondi Beach, it is worth the little wait for a table… I can not wait to get back there to try out lunch and dinner and breakfast again!!

So as we welcome Friday afternoon, I send out all my positive vibes that you have a relaxing and joyous weekend.. Now I have told you one of mine.. tell me beautiful people what are some of your favourite pretty little weekend hot spots?



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