“These are a few of my favourite things”

These are a few of my favourite things. Crystals, canon 400d, pineapple, mint green, flowers, vintage tea cups, cook books, kitchenaid

This is the first edition of a regular post that I am planning to do called “a few of my favourite things”. Each post will have a different feel and theme and will range from things I have tried and tested, places I have been or simply just something pretty that has caught my eye. It will be my way of keeping you all up to date and sharing with you briefly anything important I find in my pretty little life…

This week I am focusing on a few of my favourite things that I can not live without. This collection of beautiful bits and pieces are what makes me… well…… ME!

  1. Call me a some weird hippy spirit freak (trust me you wouldn’t be the first!) but crystals are so important to me. I collect them from all over the place and scatter them everywhere. You would be lucky to ever find me without one within arms reach!

  2. Oh I owe allot to my sweet little Canon 400D! My blog would not be looking so good with out it that’s for sure! It was originally my Dad’s, however he handed it down to me when he upgraded to his Canon 7D. It is the perfect little camera in my eyes.

  3. PINEAPPLES!! I am slightly pineapple crazy and I ain’t afraid to admit it!! I always have a fresh one on display at home, however I also have a very extensive collection of pineapple ornaments, plates and T-shirts (I really must stop!). This stunning ceramic one is from Pigotts Store in Woollahra. LOVE!

  4. Mint Green makes the world go round right? no… well maybe just my world then! I have always been attracted to anything mint green and my life is painted full of soft green goodness. How pretty is my phone!! My darling other half got it for me for christmas from my idea of heaven… Edmonds & Greer.

  5. Fresh flowers make me smile and are in my opinion play a big part in making a house feel like a home. We always have flowers in the house that are either fresh from the garden or picked up cheap from the florist. This is my last hydrangea from the garden for the year.. as we bid farewell to summer (sigh)… They are such a stunning flower!

  6. I inherited my first vintage tea cups of my great Aunty Betty, she was such a beautiful lady. I have not stopped collecting since. I also have a bunch new Royal Doulton tea cups that I look forward to sipping tea out of until they become my very own vintage!

  7. I love cook books. I have not counted exactly how many I own as I am a little afraid of the answer!  I have my trusty favourites that I always turn to, like anything by Bill Granger, Nigella or Jaime Oliver. It is my dream to one day write my own cook book..

  8. Now lastly I would like to introduce you to my beautiful Kitchen Aid! You are probably all reading this thinking I have lost the plot talking about a kitchen appliance with such love, but the truth is my trusty Kitchen Aid is more than your average electrical appliance. It has never failed to whip up a couple hundred cupcakes in an afternoon and is one of the most beloved things I own. My friends from school all chipped in and bought it for me for my 18th birthday (I was one lucky girl!). Nearly 7 years down the track it’s bolt often falls out from being overworked but it never ever gives up on me.





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