Oh Cheese…

The Best Cheese_005

Alright.. it is time my friends…

Its time to talk about one of my biggest loves…  as I promised it would be food but minus all that sweet, sugary stuff.

It time to talk CHEESE!

I have always liked cheese, however after spending 4 glorious weeks in France last year I now say I LOVE cheese… no scrap that… I REALLY REALLY LOVE cheese!

I ate more cheese during my 2 months in Europe than I care to ever admit, however when in Europe, do as the Europeans do right? I fell in love with the respect and passion that goes into making, selling and eating cheese in France. Just like all good french wine, cheese is regional based meaning that the further I travelled through France the more cheese I was able to explore and indulged in. The Best Cheese

This photo was taken in our Paris apartment after a trip to Le Bon Marche’s food hall
(I cried it was that good!).

The Best Cheese_001

Just a portion of the cheese on offer at the morning markets in Dijon, France.

Now I know I told you that my other half and I do not normally exchange gifts on Valentine’s day, however he knows me better than anyone and surprised me with a little trip to my favourite cheese shop to purchase some luxurious, creamy, gooey and oh so smelly cheese (gosh I love him!!).

The Best Cheese_002

Here I am after a very successful shop at Formaggi Ocello in Surry Hills. For me it is like the grown up version of a lolly shop (who am I kidding I love lolly shops just as much!). With over 200 cheeses to select from, from all corners of the earth it really is the most incredible shop. There is however one specific cheese that led me to Ocello.. and that is this bad boy…

     The Best Cheese_004

Introducing Epoisses! oohhhh would you just stop and look at it! I was fortunate to discover this cheese on a wine tour in the small town of Beaune, in the Burgundy region . It is famous for its strong odour, subtle flavour and bright orange rind, which is achieved by washing the cheese in a local brandy (you heard me!). When I said farewell to this cheese in Beaune, I was sure I was not going to be seeing it again for a while…. however Formaggi Ocello made all my dreams come true! Now I can treat my self to the outrageously gooey cheese whenever my heart desires and my calorie counter allows me.

 The Best Cheese_006 The Best Cheese_007 The Best Cheese_008

Whilst I was there I also picked up a hard cheese for the other half, a creamy cheese (because it was on special) and a beautiful fresh french bread stick. If you are at all a cheese lover you really must check out Formaggi Ocello.

So tell me beautiful people, what is your favourite cheese?

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go and dive into this pretty little cheese platter with my loved one… Happy Sunday everyone!

The Best Cheese_003



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