An afternoon of inspiration…

This afternoon I am doing something incredibly rare. I am going to take some time to stop, relax and read… What am I reading you ask?

No it’s not the Harry Potter novels (I wish!) or some soppy romantic trash (although I really do love those books) …

Today I am going to sit back with my cup of tea and indulge my eyes in these three seriously inspiring reads…

Inspiring magazine_003

In between the pretty little covers of these mags, lays pages filled with cute projects, interesting stories, inspiring photography and all round talented people who inspire me like no other.

Frankie Magazine is quirky and cute. Its beautiful matte pages inform me of the latest trends and events whilst inspiring my photography like crazy! Its interesting and unconventional, all whilst being superbly pretty!

Hooray Magazine in my opinion is the biggest blessing to hit news agency shelves!! Its like having every whimsical party idea all in the one place…. only with a referenced party planner or stockist to help you recreate your own magical moment. It is sometimes hard to get your hands on, but when I do I let out a little “Hooray!”

The third is an incredible book by the inspirational Lisa Messenger, and to tell you the truth I can not wait to really sink my teeth into it! The pages are that of a matte magazine and the photos are nearly too perfect to be true. It is very clear when you pick up this book that it has been created with absolute love. I am so excited to read Lisa’s pretty little life!!

I love gaining inspiration from like minded people… whether it be from all those passionate blogs out there that I follow religiously or these pretty little reads.. I feel very blessed that these clever people share their talents with the world (it is what I hope to do one day).

In the end all us “creative minds” have one common goal and that is…

to create…



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