Five Shades of Perfection!

Mondays Nails_001

Alright.. Two things I have learnt today..

  1. Tuesdays are way more fun when your working with pretty nails.
  2. Hands would probably have to be the most awkward, horrible things I have ever had to photograph!!

As promised I am going to share all elements of my very own pretty little life with you, and well these nails are seriously pretty..  only problem is I have spent two days trying to get a photo that is not awkward, ugly or out of focus!

I was indecisive (as I so often am) with what colour to paint my nails this week. So I dug deep into my polish collection, rebelled and painted them five shades of perfection. I rarely tend to my nails as I should because, well, working with my hands everyday  leaves them chipped and not worth the bother (that and nail salons make me super nervous that I am going to catch something!). This weeks pretty little nails have me all happy, and excited that I just had to share with you all.

I think it was worth the photo challenge, don’t you?

Mondays Nails_002

* These are the nail polished I used to create this look. As you can see I am not fussy on brand and cost.

image1P.S it has been a little too sweet around here lately… check back later this week for a post about another deep love of mine. Yes  of course it’s food!!…but I promise there will be no sugar in sight!


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