“You Stole A PIZZA My Heart”

What screams “I LOVE YOU” more than a home delivered pizza??… well that is easy… a home delivered chocolate pizza!!! This Valentine’s day impress your loved one with my simple, hand made chocolate pizza. It is sure to win any Valentine’s heart.

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My other half is renowned for his love of all thing savoury. The saltier and greasier the better for him, which is fine!… but dating a girl like me, I tend to feel a little wasted, as I am the absolute queen of cake and all things sweet (they say opposites attract right?). I guess the strategy and idea behind this project came from my mans love of savoury delights and nothing is more satisfying than a good slice of pizza right? .. ah ha see what I have done here?! I am attempting to trick him over to the sweet side with a sweet tasting, savoury looking delight!

I love this gift as it is quick and easy. I am going to make up heap this week ready for  a few secret deliveries on Valentine’s day to some of my very special friends front door steps. It’s my way of spreading the love!

Want to know how to make this pretty little pizza?

Here is how



I begun with a block of good quality chocolate. I have chosen milk chocolate for this pizza but dark chocolate would also make for the perfect pizza base.

In a microwave safe bowl, microwave your chocolate on defrost mode until melted and at a good pouring consistency.

* I always use defrost mode to melt my chocolate as it helps to prevent it from burning. I also make sure to regularly stop the microwave and stir the chocolate. The time will really depend on your microwave and the amount of chocolate you are melting. If you do not feel comfortable using the microwave you can always use the double boiler method.


Pour your melted chocolate into plastic plate and allow to set. I chose this plate as it was smooth and the perfect size for my pizza box! I tend to not like putting my chocolate in the fridge as the rapid change in temperature can make it discoloured and powdery.

* I was lucky enough to grab my pizza box from the friendly staff at my local cafe/ pizza shop. It is such a cute box as well!



Now it is time to start with your pizza toppings!

First things first… lets start with the “salami” slices. For this I simply cut out a range of circles and love hearts from a fruit roll up. I did this using a mini cookie cutter and the back edge of a large piping nozzle . For a more realistic look I used a little bit of red and black food colouring gel, mixed with a few drops of cake decorating alcohol to paint some marks onto my salami.


I chose green snakes for the “capsicum” on my pizza. I simply cut these length ways into quarters.

*I always find it easier to use a good set of clean kitchen scissors to cut lollies.


For a bit of a “meaty” looking addition, I crushed up some Ferrero Rochers.


Now no pizza is complete without “cheese” or in this case grated white chocolate.


For the perfect “tomato paste”, I melted some white chocolate and use a little red and brown powdered food colouring to give it a rich tomatoey colour.

*I used Wilton Candy Melts here as I had some left over from other projects. I preferred these as they were slightly thicker than regular white chocolate. The food colouring I purchased from Glasshouse Cakes and Supplies, however you can also buy candy melts that are already coloured red from the same shop.


Now for the fun bit!! Got all your pizza toppings ready to go?….. Great!

Lets assemble!

Watch this cute little video to see how!

And thats it!

You are ready to deliver this perfect pizza to your loved ones!




*Please note: Its a good idea to wrap your pizza in cellophane or keep in an air tight container until you are ready to deliver. This prevents your chocolate being affected by the moisture in the air and discolouring.


Click on here to print out this gorgeous gift card!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone.



8 thoughts on ““You Stole A PIZZA My Heart”

  1. Scrummy idea and so easy to share. Love how you’ve decorated the pepperoni, it looks like the real thing. A fun pizza surprise for Valentines or any other important day! Sammie 🙂


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