Happy Nutella Day!



“Happy Nutella Day”

Yep it is actually a real day!

I know right!

A day where there is no shame in children and grown ups alike to grab the biggest spoon they can possibly find and attack that jar of hazelnut goodness at their own free will!

I have recently returned from a trip to Europe, where Nutella is very much a part of the culture and everyday way of life (Australia needs to seriously work on this!). I can not tell you how many time on that trip that I would turn to my other half as I was devouring some new form of chocolate bar, cake or pastry containing this delicious spread and blissfully smile (teeth bearing all evidence of Nutella)!

To the great Italian man who invented Nutella in 1940, I love you!  You are simply a genius and my hero for making happiness in a jar.

To help celebrate this outrageously appropriate day and to salute the king of all spreads (sorry Vegemite you are a very close second!) I have come up with a simple, fun and ridiculously delicious Nutella Milkshake.

Hope you enjoy my dear friends!


IMG_7490It is really that simple!

3 glorious ingredients mixed together in a blender or food processor for 30 seconds to form pure liquid Nutella goodness.

Serves 1

For a bit of fun and presentation I have dipped the rim of my cup into Nutella then into some pretty little sprinkles.





6 thoughts on “Happy Nutella Day!

  1. How Cool!!! The Nutella Shake looks AMAZING!
    I didn’t know it was Nutella day – however I have just made a Nutella and Hazelnut Chocolate Marble Cake, which I will finish posting tomorrow.
    Nutella rocks our world!!!

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