Seriously Pretty Green Garbage


Here is a little story of how I became the proud new owner of this seriously pretty green garbage.

I know its so cliche, but it never ceases to amaze me how one persons trash can become someone else’s treasure. I have always had a love affair with pre-loved objects, maybe because of my parents interest in antiques, or maybe because I am an “old soul”..I don’t know! There really is something so special about  finding an object that someone is willing to part with, as it no longer serves them any purpose. That moment when you realise it fits into your little mould of happiness, and that you simply must have it! Just like that!… the previously disregarded, unwanted item is reborn again. A new life, a new purpose and a new set of memories to be made with it’s new owner.

Whenever I step into an antique shop I am overwhelmed, not with nostalgia as most items are from well before my days, but with a sense of love and interest in the unknown stories each object has to tell. I find beauty in the marks and scratches each piece holds, wondering  the tale of how they became. More than any other section in the antique store you will find me rummaging around the kitchen items. I have a vast collection or tea cups, jugs, plates and cake related knifes and forks that have all been carefully selected and found by chance from an array of antique stores. I am a bit of a bowerbird, in the fact that I tend to collect anything green. I don’t know what it is, but the colour just simply makes me happy! So when I find a preloved object that is green… well its just pure excitement!

I was recently blessed to be sharing a wonderful holiday up the coast with some very special friends. Whilst on our way to the local beach one morning we drove past what seemed to be a pretty average looking garage sale. Driving past my eye suddenly caught glimpse of a flash of the most brilliant green. Being the good little bowerbird that I am, I immediately asked for the car to be stopped so that I could investigate this green further. There sitting perfectly on a trestle table somewhere between the unused 90’s gym equipment and a ghastly faded floral wall print sat these pretty green kitchen scales. It was love at first sight! Whilst my friends looked at me like I was a slightly crazy, I simply couldn’t contain the happiness with my find (see picture below!). I picked them up and gripped them tightly as I tried desperately to dodge small talk with the sweet and slightly rough old lady selling them . I wanted to run away as fast as I could before she changed her mind on me stealing these beauties for just a sweet $10. So here I am the proud new owner of these previously unwanted kitchen scales and I have not stopped smiling since.

The only story I have from these old and very well loved scales is that they were previously used in a local Chinese restaurant, which only makes me love them even more. After doing a little research I have found out that that were manufactured in Vietnam anywhere up to 30 years ago and have little to no worth… however that doesn’t bother me in the slightest, as collecting antiques to me is not about the dollar worth. It about the fact that every day I walk past my pretty green garbage, I smile and think about the memories and stories they hold.

 _MG_0514    image1    _MG_0521



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