Back To School…


Oh dear.. Where on earth did that whirl wind of shopping, eating ham, sipping champagne and laying on the beach reading a book disappear to? I feel like I was just wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, now I am getting ready for a happy new month and we all know what that means…

Good bye to the long hot days where there is no rushing, no need for the daily mask of makeup and where salty hair is perfectly acceptable.

Its time.. We have all been trying to ignore those pesky adds on the television and pushing the brochures that have been flooding in the mail to the side.. They all say the same thing…. Those few words that haunt us from our childhood and the ones we are never quite ready for….

“Back To School”

To be completely honest with you, its not all doom and gloom for me. Sure I have never wanted holidays to come to an end, but who doesn’t get excited at that feeling of fresh stationary, pretty crisp contacted books and a brand spanking new blank diary! My love for fresh stationary is probably one of the many contributing factors that led me to become a teacher! What other job can you justify spending excessive amounts of money on useless fruit scented pens at office works?!

Now, no back to school list is complete without the need for a new lunch box. I have far too many weird and wonderful lunch boxes than I care to admit. I am a firm believer that your mundane mid-day lunch always tastes that little bit better when retrieved from a pretty lunch box or container.

So here is a little project I set myself over the weekend to distract me from any back to school preparations I should have been doing and to ensure I will be the envy of all staffroom and playground lunch boxes this year.

So whether its back to school, or just back to another wonderful week at work, this soft lunch box is a super easy sewing project that anyone with a basic sewing machine can try.

Hope you like and happy “Back To School!”


What you will need:


  • Some pretty patterned *oilcloth* of your own choosing
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Tape measurer
  • Velcro
  • Sewing machine

*OilCloth is a cotton fabric that has been treated on one side to make it waterproof. It can be easily purchased online and is reasonably cheap.




  1. Transfer your pattern using a lead pencil onto the wrong side of the oil cloth. For a cute aesthetic I have used a different pattern for the sides and base of my design, but this is completely up to your taste and style. _MG_0423
  2. Once you have cut out the pattern pieces you are ready to start sewing. Remember always to have the right sides of the fabric facing together when sewing. The first step is to sew one side piece and one front/back piece together down the longer edge. Repeat this for remaining side and front panels until all four pieces are connected._MG_0466
  3. At this stage its important to iron open your seams. Please Note: Oilcloth can only be ironed on a low heat setting with a protective cotton fabric layer between. This is so the iron never comes into direct contact with the oilcloth and prevents melting the fabric.
  4. For a neat, professional finish I top stitched my lunch bag on all open seams.IMG_0438
  5. Sew in the base piece. Always remember to keep right sides together. A helpful hint at this stage is to keep the needle down in the fabric and pivot 90 degrees 0.5cm from each corner.                                                                         _MG_0482
  6. Sew up the remaining seam to complete the bag. Turn bag to be facing the right way out.
  7. For a cute finish I used a pair of pinking shears for a zig zag edge on the top of the bag.                                                                                          _MG_0486
  8. Sew a strip of velcro 10cm from the top edge on the front and the other piece at the top of the back of the lunch bag. Roll twice to secure the velcro in place.                                                               _MG_0492
  9. Fill your super cute lunch bag with your favourite pretty little lunch! x

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