A Pretty Little Cake

I have spent a long time wondering what my first project would be to share with you all. Feeling the pressure I have spent many a night laying in bed awake thinking up lots of pretty little things, however I just could not decide what it was I was going to impress you with. My mum has always instilled in me the importance of a good first impression, you know the rules… always say please and thank you and more importantly always make sure the ribbon in your hair matches the clothes you are wearing. So in the name of good first impressions I better make this post a darn good one!

So what is my big draw card you ask? Well it can only be one thing… CAKE! For as long as I can remember I have had a love of all things cake. Those who know me know how deep my passion is for baking cupcakes, cakes and just about anything else overloaded with sugar and screaming to be decorated in some pretty little way. I have baked more cupcakes in my life than I can possibly count and more than my poor beloved KitchenAid cares to remember! I have worked in a cake decorating shop and made lots of cakes for a bit of pocket money, which is great!… but honestly nothing is more inspiring and makes me happier than making a beautiful cake for someone I love. So here it’s it…

“A Pretty Little Cake”


I have been wanting to try this technique out for a while, and what better time than now. It goes by many names but I like to call it the piped petal. It’s a very simple technique and I think it really makes for the most perfect pretty little cake! I used a basic butter cake tinted pink (why not I say!) with a plain buttercream for easy piping.

The mint green cake stand it sits upon is recent to my collection of many stands and although only new it’s really stood the test of times. I was very fortunate enough to visit the “cake goddess” herself Peggy Porschen’s Cake Parlor in London last year (see photo below). After crying multiple times from the sheer beauty of it all and the surreal feeling of a dream coming true I decided I must buy a token to remember such a magical day by. I purchased this perfect little cake stand only to see my other half looking at me with questioning eyes. I knew what he was thinking …how on earth are we going to travel around Europe for two months with a cake stand surviving in one piece?! Well we didn’t.. Needless to say upon arriving home my little stand had seen better days, it was smashed to pieces, rattling around in the bubble wrap it was concealed in. My patient parents to whom I adore, somehow to my unbeknown sat there and glued every single chip of broken porcelain back together.. Bless! As you can imagine this sweet little stand now holds a very dear place in my heart and I could not think of a more appropriate stand to hold this celebratory cake!


So as a token of my love for anyone reading this post and inspired by the words of my good old friend Julia Child “a party without cake is just a meeting”.. Let’s turn this humble cyber meeting into a party and celebrate in style with cake!

Let’s celebrate new beginnings, a love of creativity and well.. It’s surely someone’s birthday out there somewhere right?!


As I sit here and eat a slice or two on behalf of you all, I propose a toast… A toast to the many more cakes we will share together on A Pretty Little Life Blog!



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