Hello World This is Me!


Well here goes nothing. Here I am world. Today is the day I finally stop thinking and start putting my dreams into reality.

I am ready and extremely excited to share with you a snap shot into my very own pretty little life.

I guess the seed for this project really began last year during my travels through Europe. I can’t pin point exactly what it was whilst I was travelling, maybe it was the French air I was breathing, or the ridiculous amounts of cheese and butter I was ingesting, but something sparked. I began to see the world through different eyes and felt an overwhelming urge to reflect and share my life’s encounters through my writing and photography. That is exactly what this little adventure is all about.

I am not entirely sure what you should expect from this blog as I don’t know what pretty little things life has install for me. One thing I can promise is that it will always be from my heart. I look forward to you all getting to know me but most of all I hope to inspire and entertain you. So without further ado I present…

“A Pretty Little Life”


P.S… If the title of my very first post didn’t have all those “90’s” female babies out there singing “The Saddle Club” theme song… I will be heart broken!


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